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Cook Holds Up TGI Friday's; Delay on New Women's Krewe

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METAIRIE? On Monday, a man robbed the Metairie TGI Friday's with a hammer. He was caught that afternoon. You see, he was a cook at that very same TGI Friday's, and even though he covered his face with a t-shirt, his co-workers totally recognized him. [WDSU via NoDef]

UPTOWN? The city is dilly-dallying on approving (or denying) the Krewe of Nyx's application to roll this year. The Krewe of Nyx is the newest all-female Mardi Gras krewe, formed in large part because Muses has grown so popular and has no openings. They want to roll after the Ancient Krewe of Druids on the Wednesday before Mardi Gras. [WDSU]

WAREHOUSE DISTRICT? This weekend is the Ponderosa Stomp, a tribute to blues and rock & roll and other types of musical awesomeness. It's at the Howlin' Wolf, so there'll be some good food too. Here's a website. [EaterWire]

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TGI Friday's

3300 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, LA