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Southern Food and Beverage Museum Moving to Central City

Photo: Museum of the American Cocktail

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum (which is, like its acronym, just So FAB!) is moving out of the black hole that is the Riverwalk Mall. They're headed to OC Haley Blvd in Central City, into a building that used to be part of the Dryades Street Market way back in the day.

This is good news for the folks at SoFAB, who have managed to be pretty successful despite being in the sprawling, generally-out-of-the-way retail center along the river. With more space and a more easily accessible location (in addition to simply not being in a mall), they hope to expand to two floors of exhibits looking at food across the South. Said founder and president, Liz Williams, "The plan is to have a really big open space that allows us to have exhibits that talk about the food of the whole South and not just Louisiana."

The new location is right by cool stuff like Cafe Reconcile, with officials hoping SoFAB can contribute to the up-and-coming-ness (aka revitalization, aka gentrification) of Central City.

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Southern Food and Beverage Museum

1 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA