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Midsummer Mardi Gras Recap; Saints Open Club XLIV

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UPTOWN- NOLA Defender has the recap on Saturday night's Midsummer Mardi Gras. The theme for the Krewe of O.A.K.'s parade/ball/mad-drunken-mess this year was "Love and Meshiness." NoDef attempts to answer the inevitable question: What the hell is meshiness? [NoDef]

CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT- As part of their constant push to make sure we don't forget they once won a Super Bowl, the Saints have opened Club XLIV as part of the new-ish Champions Square area by the 'Dome. It'll usually cost the proverbial arm-and-a-leg to get in, but for this Thursday night's preseason game between the almost-Saints and the almost-Titans, they're opening it to the public. For free. [Gambit]

SPECIAL K- Probably not worth mentioning, but today six years ago something big happened. Local food-blogger Pistolette's piece from the 5th anniversary is probably the best read and still relevant a year later, and the guys at Blackened Out think that the food scene is quite fine now, thank you: "six years of perspective shows us that the state of the New Orleans restaurant scene is strong and perhaps better than ever." [Eater Wire]

[Photo: Kat Arnold]