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No Reservations: Cajun Country Airs On Katrina Anniversary

 Anthony Bourdain and sculptor Toby Rodriguez at a boucherie in Eunice, LA.
Anthony Bourdain and sculptor Toby Rodriguez at a boucherie in Eunice, LA.
Photo: Valcour Records/Facebook

This might just be a coincidence, but the Cajun Country episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, in which he returns to New Orleans and ventures out to Breaux Bridge and Eunice, airs this Monday, August 29. Monday also just happens to be the 6th anniversary of the day when a little hell-child named Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast.

Travel Channel just posted Bourdain's photo journal for the episode, which was filmed in June. The photos provide a glimpse of what the episode is going to be like: Willie Mae's Scotch House with the Times-Picayune's Eric Lolis Elie, yaka mein with Treme's Wendell Pierce and crawfish and pork out in Cajun Country. Oh, yes, he goes to a real, live boucherie. (For all the non-Louisianans who don't know what a boucherie is, please do watch the show Monday night. You'll be in hog heaven. Just like Tony was.)

According to Travel Channel's episode guide, Bourdain also stops at one of the New Orleans area's finest establishments, Daiquiri Bay Cafe.For the un-initiated, Daiquiri Bay Cafe is one of our hundreds of drive through daiquiri stands, where you can get all sorts of mind-erasing frozen daiqs right in the comfort of your car. As we say, it isn't drinking and driving until you put the straw in.

But the focus of this episode isn't in New Orleans, it's Cajun Country through and through. And thankfully, in all of Travel Channel's publicity materials for the episode, Katrina - and the fact that the episode airs on the anniversary thereof - goes unmentioned. Which means that Bourdain will likely spare us the CNN-esque myopic focus on the 2005 hurricane season, and will instead focus on what makes this region great: crawfish, pork, accordians and beer.

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Willie Mae's Scotch House

2401 Saint Ann Street, , LA 70119 (504) 822-9503 Visit Website


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Willie Mae's Scotch House

2401 Saint Ann St., New Orleans, LA