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Drew Brees Loves Ever-Expanding In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out in Culver City, CA.
In-N-Out in Culver City, CA.
Photo: jbcurio / flickr

Local fast food franchiser and sometimes-pro quarterback, Drew Brees, still really loves the west coast burger chain In-n-Out Burger from his days as a San Diego Charger. (Brees still spends much of his time in San Diego.) Asked what he liked about it, he responded, "Other than it's the best fast food hamburger you can imagine?"

In March, Eater reported that the California-based burger chain could theoretically expand to Louisiana (as well as 12 other states) with the construction of its Fort Worth processing facility. And just yesterday In-N-Out's regional real estate manager in Texas used the words "expansion" and "possibly into neighboring states" in the same sentence, teasing us further.

Brees has already brought one out-of-state fast food chain, Jimmy John's, to New Orleans, so maybe he's the celebrity/multi-gazillionaire New Orleans needs to attract In-N-Out to this fine city. Our hearts are a-flutter at the possibilities.

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