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Whole Foods' Requests Denied; Food Trucks At Hollygrove Market

MAGAZINE STREET- Whole Foods recently petitioned the City Planning Commission to make several changes to the restrictions placed on their uptown New Orleans store. The upscale grocery chain is feeling the pressure of being a large and popular market in a cramped residential neighborhood with narrow streets, having experienced a whole lot of push-back from the people who have to actually live on those streets. [TP]

HOLLYGROVE- Hollygrove Market & Farm will start featuring local food trucks at their main market location on Tuesdays. The folks from Hollygrove also sell fresh and local produce at the French Market Fridays to Sundays and at their main location on Saturdays, but for now the food truck presence is only at the Tuesday market. The featured truck will change every week. [Twitter]

ORLEANS PARISH- Jan Ramsey at Offbeat weighs in on the controversy surrounding noise regulation in the City of New Orleans. A lively debate has gone on for quite some time now (Ramsey estimates over a year), with implications especially acute in the, how do you say, lively French Quarter. The current proposal is a noise limit of 85dB, to which Ramsey responds: Consider your priorities on keeping live music in the city, and how important it is culturally, and tourism-wise. A saxophone creates a 90dB sound." [Offbeat]

Garden District- More grocery store news! The former Borders at the corner of St Charles and Louisiana might become a Fresh Market. The building, used to death and dying from its days as a funeral home, watched the slow demise of the Borders bookstore. Early reports said it would become either a Trader Joe's or a Fresh Market, but Trader Joe's has publicly stated it is not the new tenant. [TP]