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Baton Rouge Food Truck Considering Jump To New Orleans

Fresh Salads & Wraps, a regular, brick-and-mortar restaurant with a food truck acting as a mobile, satellite location, is considering a move to New Orleans or to the North Shore.

The store uses its food truck less as a stand-alone eatery, like most food trucks, and more as a tool to advertise for the main location. A move to the Greater New Orleans area would likely precede the opening of a new, immobile location.

Meanwhile, with New Orleans' byzantine regulations for mobile food vendors restricting the number of food trucks we can have (among other limitations, the city only allows 100 mobile vendors to hold permits at any time, including mobile snowball stands, food trucks, Mr Okra, and any other carts or trailers you might see), it might be a little while before we see Fresh making a foray into the Crescent City.

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[Photo: Urban Spoon]

Fresh Salads & Wraps

501 Main St., Baton Rouge, LA