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CityBusiness Loves Ralph's; Ian McNulty on Rosalita's Taqueria

Tom Fitzmorris at CityBusiness went to old standby, Ralph's on the Park, and liked what he had. Known as much for its summer deal (3 small plates and a glass of wine for $28) as it is for anything else, Fitzmorris reminds us that it's not only one of the few fine dining restaurants in the area, but also one of the best in the city. "This is a restaurant very much in the Brennan Creole tradition, which is to say a little traditional but entirely up with the times." Sounds a lot like NOLA in general. [CB]

Meanwhile, Ian McNulty went down to the Bywater to try out Rosalita's Taqueria, a pop-up operating behind a Creole Cottage on Rosalie Alley ("evocatively situated right between Piety and Desire streets.") On Sunday afternoons, Ian Schnoebelen and Laurie Casebonne, co-owners of Iris, set up a stand behind their home to sell Mexican-style street food. McNulty liked what he has there but notes that there are very few places to sit in the alley in which Rosalita's is situated. Also, if you're going to try it out (and you probably should), you're running out of time: Rosalita's will only continue to operate through August. [Gambit]

Ralph's on the Park

900 City Park Ave., New Orleans, LA