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Rio Mar Presents Flavors of Spain's Costa Brava

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All this week, Chef Adolfo Garcia at the French Quarter seafood restaurant, Rio Mar, is serving up a four course prix fixe dinner of the tastes of Spain's Costa Brava, the northeastern stretch of Mediterranean coastline. Costa Brava - or rugged coast - is known for its flavorful, Catalan seafood dishes.

The tomato and garlic crostini (Pa Amb Tomaquet & Colcots Romesco) and salt cod with tomato, garlic, and onion (Bacalao Esqueixada) both sound great, but the real kicker is the third course: Calasparra rice, grilled octopus, shrimp and squid with saffron gelee, squid ink alioli and parsley oil. Dessert is a traditional rice pudding paired with an after-dinner cocktail.

The menu is $62 with a wine for each course, or $39 for any teetotalers. Only through Saturday. [NO Menu]

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[Photo: Urban Spoon]

Rio Mar Seafood

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