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Theater To Vote On Sale To Dickie Brennan

The fate of the possible next Dickie Brennan restaurant will be decided tonight, when season ticket holders of Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre' will vote on a change to their bylaws allowing a sale of 60% of their French Quarter building to the Dickie Brennan Restaurant Group. The sale to Brennan was reported as "nearly complete" in early June but has been delayed due to the required member vote. If members approve the change to the bylaws, the sale can be completed.

A member of the prestigious family of restaurateurs, Brennan currently operates three of the more prominent restaurants in and around the French Quarter: Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse on Toulouse St., Bourbon House on Bourbon St., and Palace Cafe on Canal. If the sale goes through, Brennan's fourth restaurant attempt to re-create the "style and ambiance of an old New Orleans manor house," with decor and fare emphasizing the historical significance of the building, and will serve small plates aimed at the theater crowd.

Today's vote comes a day after a Civil District Court judge granted the Le Petit leadership a temporary restraining order against members of an autonomous theater supporters' group who are attempting to stop the sale. Because of the public controversy surrounding the sale, Brennan has revealed many details of his restaurant plan. In addition to small plates to cater to audience members before and after shows, the menus themselves are based upon the design of the original playbills.

The entire theater was last appraised at almost $5.5 million. If the sale is approved by members, Brennan will buy the majority of the space for $3 million. He expects to put a hefty $3-$4 million more into renovation, repairs, and redesign.

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[Photo: Infrogmation / Wikipedia]

Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre'

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