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Louisiana Unveils New Food Safety Website

In an uncharacteristically transparent move by the folks in Baton Rouge, the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals just announced the launch of a new food safety website, For the first time since 2005, public health inspections of all your favorite restaurants, bars, snowball stands, and gas station-based boudin balls are available in a (relatively) accessible, online tool.

Unlike other states that rate eateries and cookeries on a sliding scale, often from A-F, Louisiana does its health inspections on a pass/fail basis, with the new site only detailing whether or not an establishment had any violations. But the site does hold the inspection records of every operation requiring health permits. So at the same time you're checking in to see how Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse fared in its last health inspection (1 critical violation, 3 non-critical), you can also check out the school cafeteria at Cabrini High (no violations at the last inspection). [The Gambit.]
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