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Watch John Besh Make Baked Beans with Rachael Ray

Empire builder and cookbook author John Besh was on the Rachael Ray Show today as part of the not-at-all-irritating host's "Celebrity Potluck Party." His contribution to the party: A pot of beef brisket baked beans (try to say that ten times fast) and a shill for his new book, My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking.

Most of it is the usual TV chef banter you'd expect with these two getting together on a daytime show. But it starts out pretty awesome, with Besh very nearly saying he wants to "gobble up on some of those beer balls." But unfortunately he catches himself. And then, explaining the "genesis" of his latest book, he tries to address the men in the audience: "Men out there?is there a man out there?" And then Rachael has to admit that they did let a couple dudes sneak in.

Video: John Besh's Southern Potluck Dish

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