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Rio Mar Lunch Benefit for Family of Lorie Gandy

Adolfo Garcia's seafood restaurant Rio Mar is hosting a tapas fundraiser during lunch on Friday, to benefit the usual lunchtime chef Lorie Gandy. Peter Thriffiley Jr of Blackened Out learned this while at Rio Mar for lunch earlier this week:

It was then that I learned that Lorie was in Houston after an overnight trip was extended indefintiely [sic] when she unexpectedly delivered twin boys, Knox and Gabriel, 3 months before her due date. Lorie and her husband Will have been in Houston since then, caring for their boys who are under 24 hour watch at Women's Hospital of Texas and will likely stay there until mid March at the earliest. Once Knox and Gabe are healthy enough for travel, the family plan on making the drive back home to New Orleans.
On Friday, December 30, Rio Mar will be joined by Slade Rushing and Allison Vines-Rushing of MiLa for the lunch shift. The tapas menu will cost $40 (not including alcohol). As Thriffiley put it: "Most of us were fortunate enough to spend this holiday season at home surrounded by our family and friends. Let's all do as much as we can to ensure that next year the Gandy family will get to do the same."

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