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Crescent City Café Wins $5,000 Award from GOOD

Earlier this month, GOOD Magazine and Brookside Foods (makers of chocolate covered things you wouldn't ordinarily expect to be covered in chocolate) ran a contest whereby non-profits could nominate themselves for a $5,000 grant, with the winner chosen by user voting. So one winner out of 117 nominated groups from across the country. And guess who that winner was? New Orleans' very own Crescent City Café. Congrats, y'all.

Crescent City Café is run by volunteers, all of whom are young adults, and is connected to several area churches. (It's located inside a Methodist church on St Charles Avenue.) They serve breakfast to New Orleans' homeless and low-income communities. And generally they're pretty awesome.

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Crescent City Cafe

3900 St Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA