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Chris Hannah Won Tales of the Toddy with a Tiki Eggnog

Chris Hannah what looks like a water meter trophy.
Chris Hannah what looks like a water meter trophy.
Photo: Tales of the Cocktail

Last week, Tales of the Cocktail held their winter mini-session called Tales of the Toddy, which included its first "Best Bourbon Spiked Eggnog Competition." Which was exactly what it sounds like: a competition to see who could make the best eggnog. With Bourbon.

The winning eggnog was a tiki-themed nog (seriously) by Chris Hannah of Arnaud's French 75, which he called a Blue Hawaiian Nog. It involved Blue Curaçao and banana/pineapple heavy cream, and honestly sounds kind of gross but must have been good if it won.

The press release, with recipes if you want to replicate that tiki nog or either of the runner-up drinks, is up on

· New Orleans' Best Bourbon Spiked Eggnogs Crowned at 'Tales of the Toddy,' Recipes Included [Tales of the Toddy on]

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