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Gifts From Jack Spade: What Every Man Needs

Since 1996, Jack Spade has been applying its practical, stylish aesthetic to men’s apparel and accessories, using only the best materials. Now with 7 stores in the US and Tokyo, and located at top department stores, Jack Spade’s collections have become favored men's staples.

This Holiday, Jack Spade has put together a collection of purposeful and tasteful items that all men need (whether they know it or not). Find gifts for every guy, whether they’re looking to jazz up their gadgets with iPad and iPhone covers or stock up on well-made essentials like duffels for the gym and weekend, handmade ties, and English-made socks. They've even got gizmos for the classy drinker, including flasks and corkscrews.

Check out the gift guide here and reward the men in your life (or yourself) with simple, dapper pieces from the Jack Spade collection. >>