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Baruch Rabasa Leaves Meson 923 for Atchafalaya

Original Photo: yelp / Mark A.

Baruch Rabasa, chef at Meson 923 since last October, has left that restaurant for Café Atchafalaya, where he'll start next week. Meaning, in a way, that he's leaving the new school for the older. Per Ian McNulty at the Gambit:

Rabasa’s cooking at Meson 923 followed in a similarly modern style established there by [previous chef Chris] Lynch, with a focus on seafood, daily crudo and scallop preparations and the use of sous vide cooking techniques. That’s markedly different from the cooking at Atchafalaya, which recently has been more like a Creole neighborhood café gone upscale.
McNulty writes that Rabasa is currently working on Atchafalaya's new menu, which will "will still retain its current style and some of its more popular dishes."

The search for a new chef at Meson 923 is ongoing.

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Cafe Atchafalaya

901 Louisiana Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70115 504 891 9626

Cafe Atchafalaya

901 Louisiana Ave., New Orleans, LA