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Uptown Bar Patio Plays Host to PPX Dinner Club

This is a thing: Matthew Elliott Kopfler has started a Wednesday night pop-up in the Patio at 504 Lyons Street?for context, that's the patio at F&M's, a place that insists on calling itself a "patio bar" rather than a bar where undergrads get obliterated while dancing on pool tables. According to partner Tess Monaghan, "The patio is a beautiful space, and quite underused early on weekday evenings." The pop up is called the PPX Dinner Club, with PPX standing for "Patio Par Excellence."

Kopfler refers to himself as a "food ninja," which unfortunately doesn't mean he cooks in a full-on ninja Halloween costume. Despite the bravado that the whole food ninja thing implies, he's pretty coy about where he trained for culinary school and under which chefs he worked. (In an email asking about his training, Monaghan said that "he likes to fly under the radar," while NoDef coverage says he traveled the East Coast "cooking, eating, and drinking in South Carolina, New York, and Massachusetts.")

At any rate, the food is locally sourced and promises to be better than the gator quesadilla at F&M's, and the crowd will hopefully be less drunk-and-college-y. The PPX menu can be found on their Facebook. It's every Wednesday from 7:30-10:30 at 504 Lyons.

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[Photo: F&M's Patio Bar]

F&M's Patio Bar

504 Lyons St., New Orleans, LA