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Introducing the Bathroom at Garden District Pub

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[Photos: Nikki Mayeux]

On to the second installment of our Best Bathrooms preview during the run up to the 2011 Eater Awards. Yesterday we looked at the bathroom at Pal's Lounge. Today, Garden District Pub.

Why was the GDP bathroom nominated? No freaking clue. It's a relatively quiet neighborhood bar with great bartenders and a good atmosphere for Saints games. Look, it's a little dive-y. But as we saw yesterday, apparently that's what makes for a memorable bathroom in New Orleans. Plus, most dive-y places, and even many "neighborhood bars" in New Orleans, have really awful bathrooms. So the fact that the bathrooms at GDP aren't shitty in either a figurative or literal sense apparently made its bathroom noteworthy enough for a number of people to be really smitten with it.

It's not kitschy, it's not funny, it's not swanky, it's not shitty. It's just pretty all right. And that's apparently the standard we have for our bathrooms in the Crescent City.

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