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Ripert, Colicchio & Friends Have Dinner at the High Hat

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This is the celebrity chefs in their cameo on Treme, not at the High Hat.
This is the celebrity chefs in their cameo on Treme, not at the High Hat.
Photo: Paul Schiraldi/HBO

According to NOLA Defender, yesterday was a big day for Freret Street's new Southern eatery High Hat Café, which got a visit from a bunch of big-name chefs, plus Treme writer Lolis Eric Elie. Chip Apperson, who co-owns High Hat with Adolfo Garcia, played host to Tom Colicchio, Wylie Dufresne, Eric Ripert, David Chang, and Alfred Portale, the first four of whom paid a similar visit to fictional chef Janette Desautel's restaurant in the first season of Treme.

In keeping with the café's MO, Apperson served the mega-chefs a standard Southern meal?meaning catfish and hush puppies, barbecue shrimp, stewed chicken and the like?and apparently Ripert especially liked the barbecue shrimp, totally "eating with his fingers" like a regular person. Which is big news, as Apperson put it: "He [Ripert] runs maybe the greatest fish restaurant in the world, and he’s in here sopping up barbecue shrimp." Well done, High Hat.

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High Hat

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High Hat Cafe

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