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Here's a Video of John Besh Hanging Out with Better Than Ezra from Last Mardi Gras

So last year, little-known local rock band Better Than Ezra debuted an all-inclusive Mardi Gras weekend package called the Krewe of Rocckus. Via Uproxx, they're back with it again this year. In a totally unexpected move, the promo video features chef and empire builder John Besh in a pretty serious way. He's there lounging with BTE frontman Kevin Griffin, making the official shill, and elsewhere in the video he's handing out Bloody Marys in what looks like is maybe the World War II Museum?

At one point Griffin says, "It's about New Orleans, you know? It's Better Than Ezra, John Besh?we're just products of New Orleans." So what gives? Why is Besh hanging with the best band of the 90s? After some digging through the Krewe of Rocckus site, turns out Besh does the "Welcome Brunch" on the Friday before Mardi Gras. Ok, guess it makes sense.

The video isn't just worth it for the kinda-sorta odd couple of Griffin and Besh, though. Also: Mardi Gras, only 82 days away. But who's counting?

Video: 2011 Better Than Ezra Krewe of Rocckus Event Highlights

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