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Who Will Be King of the Corporate Mardi Gras?

The Krewe of Rex "Boeuf Gras" float, 2011.
The Krewe of Rex "Boeuf Gras" float, 2011.
Photo: flickr / infrogmation

Jim Beam, in a shill for their "Devil's Cut" line of Bourbon, is sending dudes down here for Mardi Gras with enough cash to get sufficiently drunk on Bourbon Street and do the tourist-on-Bourbon Mardi Gras thing. One winner will be the "King of the Devil's Cut Mardi Gras float." Which raises the question: Can they even do that? Krewes can't have corporate sponsors, but can individual floats? Or is this probably just a BS float rolling around the Quarter trying to do the Girls Gone Wild thing?

If anyone knows or has an idea, leave it in the comments or e-mail.

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