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That's 2 Stars for Veracruz-Style Cantina Panchita's

WWL's "secret" restaurant critic Napoleon is back with a review of the Carrollton Avenue cantina Panchita's. Arguing that New Orleans not only has a whole bunch of Latin American restaurants these days, but that we also have a "greater diversity" of them, too, Napoleon notes that Panchita's isn't just another Mexican restaurant. They specialize in the food of Veracruz (so, Veracruzaña cuisine. Thanks Wikipedia.)

Panchita's is a "bargain restaurant for a quick meal with big flavors." But it's the, er, Veracruzaña specialties separate Panchita's from the rest of the Latin American pack in town. But what exactly is a Veracruzaña specialty? Grilled redfish with plantains, black beans and rice, or jarocha, "a large, puffy corn cake topped with beans, onions and peppers and a dollop of crema."

But despite generally giving praise to this place, Napoleon only gave Panchita's 2 stars.

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