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Best Bathroom Nominees: Snake and Jake's

[Amy Jett]

Today is the last day that we'll be looking at the nominees for Best Bathroom for the 2011 Eater Awards. Only 4 bathrooms were nominated, so tomorrow Eater readers will get to choose from this highly exclusive group. So far we've looked at Eiffel Society, Garden District Pub and Pal's Lounge. Today, it's Snake and Jake's.

Or, more fully, Snake and Jake's Christmas Club Lounge, a dive that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, aside from the year-round Christmas lights outside. Rumor has that if a customer gets completely naked, they'll get free cans of Schlitz for as long as they're in the buff. The bar is dark, the clientele kind of creepy and the drinks insanely cheap. The bathrooms reflect all of that in their wonderful dinginess. Between the red light, the graffiti and the wood paneling, it's the Platonic Ideal of a dive bathroom. Straight out of a movie.

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