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Treme Watch: What's in Store for Desautel in Season 3?

HBO's Treme started shooting its third season yesterday morning, and Dave Walker in the Times-Pic has a couple of updates on what's in store for the popular-ish, kinda-slow-moving post-Katrina drama. Here's a small preview of the food-related storyline.

First of all, it looks like Janette Desautel does not achieve Food Network stardom and then descend into a "spiral of depression and Kung Fu related violence," which is really too bad. But! Sam Robards (from Gossip Girl and the West Wing) is on as yet another restaurant investor, but there's no telling yet what the relationship will be like with the investor guy from the Season 2 finale, who had the Link-Spicer-Besh alliance trying to bring Desautel home.

Also, look out for Marvin Allen, head mixologist at the Carousel Bar. That's where they were shooting yesterday (trying to get that scene in before it, you know, closed for renovations), and apparently he scored a role serving drinks to fictional customers.

But perhaps most importantly, Simon has confirmed that they've "plotted stories to take the show’s characters through four seasons." Meaning that we probably won't get to see a scene where Desautel hooks up again with Davis after catching beads from Drew Brees during the Super Bowl victory parade.

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[Photo: HBO / Paul Schiraldi]

Carousel Bar

214 Royal St., New Orleans, LA