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NoDef Ate Everything at Voodoo and Survived

The folks over at NOLA Defender got in on the festival food-tasting at the Voodoo Music Experience in a major way. The team, led by Stella Kowalski and joined by Chris Trew of The New Movement Theater, tried everything at the three day rock fess.

Of course, that's a ridiculous amount of food. The highest praise went to the Blue Moon Pub, which isn't so much of a pub as "actually a collection of firemen out of Covington, who like to cook at festivals and fairs." They had the Cajun Sausage Po' Boy:

Words cannot due justice to this sauce; it is like monica sauce on steroids, and it pairs perfectly with the sausage po-boy. One of our favorite dishes of the fest.
On the other hand, some of the worst reviews went to the dishes from Hard Rock Café: "Hard Rock was exactly what you’d expect, except worse."

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Voodoo Fest 2008. [Photo: flickr / Vincent & Bella Productions]