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Possible 2 Week Delay to Oyster Season in Public Grounds

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NO! No no no no no. Oyster season might be delayed by a couple of weeks? That's no good. At least it's "might be delayed" rather than "will be delayed."

Wildlife and Fisheries Secretary Robert Barham was authorized Thursday to delay the season up to two weeks, from Oct. 17 to as late as one-half hour before sunrise Nov. 1, because it will be another month before the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meets again.
Of course, this only applies to the 1.6 million acres of public grounds?380,00 acres of private grounds and about 65,000 acres in Lakes Sabine and Calcasieu aren't affected by this delay. (Part of Calcasieu and all of Sabine are closed to harvesting for the entire season.)

Here's to hoping the scientists declare the oysters to be hunky-dory and open the season on time.

· Post-Oil Spill Tests May Delay Oyster Season [AP]