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Deutsches Haus Hopes to Return to City by 2013

On the heels of yesterday's piece about Deutsches Haus temporarily moving their Oktoberfest to Kenner, here's Rebecca Mowbray from the Times-Pic on the Haus' plans for the future. Mowbray has good news for New Orleans's German-philes: Deutsches Haus should be moving back to Mid City in the next couple of years.

The German cultural group is working on a deal with the state to buy and build a new HQ on a parcel of land on the Bayou St John. The site is nestled betwixt the Esplanade apartment building, St Louis Cemetary No 3, with the Fair Grounds behind it.

Plans call for a building that's reminiscent of old Germany, with wood floors and beams and an interior that looks a lot like the original location. There will be space for the beer garden and weddings outside, and there will be plenty of parking on site so it won't bother the neighborhood.
Drawings of the proposed building are the first step in the byzantine permitting and licensing process, but all parties involved hope to have Oktoberfest on the banks of the bayou by 2013.

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[Photo: Deutsches Haus]