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Courtyard Grill, MiLa and Mosca's in the Blogs

With more reviews this week, we have a trio of blogs. First, in Haute Plates for, Robert Peyton reviewed Courtyard Grill, a Turkish restaurant on Magazine Street. ("The restaurant's signage announces that it serves Mediterranean food, which is true in that Turkey lies at the eastern end of that sea.")

Much of the menu is the sort that's to be expected of somewhere offering vaguely Mediterranean cuisine, including falafel, hummus, gyros, that sort of thing. "But the strengths of the menu are the Turkish dishes, which are distinct variations on the cuisines of Turkey's neighbors." Peyton goes on to note that the service was "attentive and prompt," though his server maybe didn't quite know all the details of different dishes.

Peter Thriffiley, Jr at Blackened Out had lunch at MiLa, trying the $20 prix fixe menu at the restaurant located in the Pere Marquette Hotel. He had soup, phyllo crusted redfish, and vanilla bean rice pudding, liking all of it so much he gave his meal an Eagle. The review comes with some lagniappe, in the form of tasty-looking food porn.

And finally, Emily Smith of Fleurdelicious went to Mosca's, an Italian restaurant hidden out in Westwego. So yeah, it's a decent trek out of town. But how's the food? "Honestly, they do what they do very well, it’s just that you have to go into it expecting what’s to be expected: A limited menu and not a ton of different flavors." Oh, and it's cash only. So maybe not worth the trip, but if you're already in Westwego...

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[Photo: Mosca's]


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Courtyard Grill

4430 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA