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JW Marriott Screws Up Brees' Dinner, Saints Still Win Big

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Apparently the New Orleans Saints have a very rigid dinner schedule for the night before games. This past weekend, they stayed at a different hotel, the JW Marriott, which just didn't get the dinner order right, forcing future mayor quarterback Drew Brees to make his own, disgusting-sounding version of "beefy mac."

Of course, the Saints still scored 62 points, winning by 55, with Brees throwing 5 beautiful, wonderful, majestic touchdown passes. So, you know, it worked out all right.

VIDEO: Beefy Mac Mix Up

This video, which the Saints released last night, has already inspired the Davenport Lounge at the Ritz Carlton to add "Breesy Beefy Mac" to their tailgate menu for this weekend.

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