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Young John Besh Wanted to be Chef at Commander's

Local hero/celeb chef John Besh was profiled by the Wall Street Journal, describing his kitchen, his favorite foods and his favorite ingredients. What we learned: He doesn't measure, he loves copper cookware and occasionally steals it from the cooking demos he does, and his essential ingredients are rice and salt. Also:

Secretly, I really love anything fried. Sometimes I'll walk down the street to FredRick's Deli across the street from my restaurant, Lüke, and order 15 oyster po'boys for my cooks. I am kind of demanding at times, so I love to bring them little surprises.
He also gave some love to Commander's Palace, saying that when he was a kid, he really wanted to be a chef there. That is, he wanted to be Paul Prudhomme when he grew up.

And the meal that changed his life? "[T]he absence of meals after Katrina ... I can't speak on politics, but I can speak to our culture, and we needed those meals back."

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