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Renovated Hyatt Regency Now Open

601 Loyola Ave., Central Business District
Phone: (504) 561-1234
Status: Certified Open

With an opening that's more than just an opening, doubling as a opportunity to reflect on how far we've come since 2005, the Hyatt Regency is officially open today after a $275 million renovation. In the remodel, the entrance is now off of Loyola (guests used to enter from the other side), adjacent to the Bloch Cancer Survivors Memorial, which looks a hell of a lot better now that it's not next to a construction site.

Just as important for those of us who like food and stuff, there's the food and bev options. These most notably include 8 Block Kitchen & Bar and Vitascope Hall, led by Chef Eric Damidot. Which is another indication that the whole Poydras Street/Superdome corridor is actually a place to get good eats.

The opening ceremony featured the release of 5,000 helium balloons?don't worry, they were bio-degradable?and remarks by a bunch of the folks involved in actually opening the place. Also: Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Guests included former mayor Ray Nagin, who could be heard saying, "Damn, this looks nice" as he entered the hotel lobby.

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Hyatt Regency New Orleans

601 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70113 504 561 1234

Hyatt Regency

601 Loyola Ave., New Orleans, LA