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It's a Bad Idea to Steal Display Teacakes from Velvet

Welcome to another edition of Shit People Steal, a feature in which we ask chefs, restaurateurs and thieves what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

VelvetExt.JPGVelvet Espresso Bar. Click to Enlarge.

This week's edition of Shit People Steal comes from Tamara Muro, Barista Guild of America certified barista and owner of Velvet Espresso Bar, an artisan café and bakery on Magazine near Whole Foods. Tamara wrote us to tell of a lady who stole?and ate?several teacakes that were very much not for human (or canine or anything else) consumption:

As you may or may not know we sell teacakes. Not only did the lady steal the cakes but she ate them. The funny part was this was a display only case with cakes that were for show. Kinda like when you go to a cake store and look at birthday cakes to pick from that can be made special for preorder. I wouldn't feed it to a dog. She failed to read the note posted which said DISPLAY ONLY. Gross.
The moral of the story is, don't steal teacakes. If you steal them, you get the nasty ones. For just a buck, you can get the delicious, made-so-they're-actually-edible version.

If you have a good story about people stealing things, e-mail us. Of course, if you're the one doing the stealing, we'll keep it anonymous.

Velvet Espresso Bar

5637 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 504 450 2129

Velvet Espresso Bar

5637 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA