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John Folse and Friends to Make World's Largest Pot of Gumbo at Next Month's LSU-Bama Game

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So this is a thing: Chef, TV personality and cookbook mogul John Folse is hooking up with some Alabamans to make the world's largest pot of gumbo, during an epic tailgate sesh for the LSU-Alabama game November 5. They're using a 300 year old cast iron pot from the Louisiana sugar cane fields to make the gumbo. (Which makes us wonder, what the hell was that pot used for in the colonial cane industry?) And the Guinness Book of World Records will be there to weigh, to make sure everything's legit.

Folse is working with chef Rick Tramonto?his partner in the forthcoming Restaurant R'evolution?Alabama football star-turned-restaurateur, Bob Baumhower, and Baumhower's executive chef, Steve Zucker. Yeah, the game (and thus the tailgate) is in Tuscaloosa, but come on, this is the world's largest pot of gumbo. Plus, it's SEC football, so we figure a whole lot of people are traveling anyway, so maybe it'd be worth the $5 to get in on this? Here's the pre-sale, just in case.

Also, lest we forget to mention, the whole point of this is "to unite fans of LSU and Alabama to give back to the Tuscaloosa tornado rebuilding efforts." So there's that.

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Restaurant R'evolution

777 Bienville Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 Visit Website

Restaurant R'evolution

777 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA