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Calling All Contractors: Pizza Delicious Needs Your Help

Last Monday, everyone's favorite (and the only?) pizza pop-up in town, Pizza Delicious, wrote a post on their blog that they had "big news (hopefully)". Beyond the revelation that co-owner Michael Friedman was in fact on the first episode of Cash Cab?lucky guy!?they're also shopping for a new home: "We here at Pizza Delicious have been scheming for sometime on the wheres and hows of opening up a full time shop."

So yeah, they're looking to move. But more than that, in keeping with their informal, community-based vibe (it is a pop-up, after all), they're crowdsourcing advice: "We need some more professional guidance and help on how we can get our doors open. We're talking about contractors, plumbers, electricians and the like. Or just people with ideas of all sorts."

Eater got in touch with the guys to get more details, and they were understandably coy. When are they hoping to open full-time? "It won't happen by the end of this year." Where will it be? "In the Bywater." No, but where?

We have a spot we're interested in, but we've had some other spots we were interested in that didn't work out, so we'll see. This is the most unique one we've seen so far. We're basically right now in like a feasibility study, because it's not really a restaurant.
Which is why they need help from people with skilz. So if you're a plumber, contractor, or the like, and love pizza, you should probably email them.

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